Flower Power Coat

Truly happy and loving  this “Flower Power” Coat


Coat is finally finished.  Smiles, it only took me 4 summers to knit up.

Wow… You may say, but being fingering weight, needles 2.25 mm and in a black as you can see for most of the knitting. I really needed good lighting and the best was, sunlight outside in my backyard. Then the challenge of cutting the front open, something we knitters call “Steeking” and picking up stitches to bind  the front edge…woha, a little nerve-racking. Only because I already invested that many year of knitting into the coat. Really did not want to muck this part up…Yes perfect all great.

You can see the inside of the coat is just a beautiful as the ousie..smile.

The pattern and yarn are from Christel Seyfarth Shetland Lambswool she has some stunning and beautiful designs.

As I have shortened this jacket I had to modify some areas. So it is not true version of her coat. Therefore I have lots of yarn left. for some other project. Then I still have  a foul box of her yarn for another coat of shawl..


6 thoughts on “Flower Power Coat

    1. Thank You Sandy …I enjoy wearing it right now in this pre-winter Season…Pure Wool from Scotland. warm enough at this time but not for the cold winter we will get soon. The length, yes I am not that tall so this is perfect for in the car too.
      Thanks again


  1. Wow! you did a terrific job. Your coat is one of a kind, I love it! Although, I don’t think I would wear it. I am a sort of frumpy person, and it wouldn’t look good on me, but I like to see fancy clothes on other people.


    1. Thank you Evelina
      So kind of you to give me this compliment. I love to have the special one if a kind items. So me don’t want to be like everyone else and love the unique items. Though that is to say not all looks great on me either
      Thanks again for visiting my site and hopefully I’ll see more feedback from you
      Xo j


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