Reaching Out To Fellow Bloggers

IMG_4166Just like many of you, I have been on WordPress for many years too.

And I was wondering if I could ask You for some input…

At the beginning lets say about 10 years ago, I started postings so my parents in Switzerland could see what I am working on here in Canada. Some of you may know I also posted each post in English and German to make it easy for them and German-speaking readers.
Since my dad past, I kind of stopped the German posting as one can switch to have it translated.

Unfortunately my mom doesn’t understand how to use the computer but enjoys to Skype with me.

So here is where I am reaching out to You.

I am doing pretty much what you are doing. Perhaps it is the topics that I am posting. Everyone loves food but not everyone can enjoy the knitting etc.
I used to comment and like a lot of other posts by Bloggers and WordPress post. With the Blogger sits I often had to do the posting over and over again as it just would not go through and needed all the passwords etc. found that very time-consuming, and often the comments did not go through. So I lost interest in doing this….sorry.
As well as it felt that I “liked” and “commented” but not really got any reply back…..

I know I should say oh well why do I worry about that?

Since I love to see your posts and like to show you my work and enjoy helping is my passion to be creative.

But that doesn’t stop me from wondering sometimes what do fellow bloggers do to get the comments on sometimes a very simple post, or even just a picture and one sentance?
I don’t believe I have to pay for that or sign up with a services.

 I believe my posts should be from what I believe in and how I see my KnitswissYarns Blog. So I just keep on doing what I love and have fun …..the passion continues…

Have a wonderful weekend and if by chance you feel like sending me some info where I can improve my posts …you know what to do….smiles send me a note.

I do care and I thank you for feedback…




10 thoughts on “Reaching Out To Fellow Bloggers

  1. Jacqueline, I read all your blog posts. And although I seldom comment, I enjoy every post. Your blog posts bring joy and your passion is contagious. You are loved.


    1. Thanks Carla! It is great to hear from you… and appreciated you are enjoying my posts. Hope to see you soon..let me know when…ok.
      I always love your feed back in whatever way you can give them to me. Thank You


    1. Blogging is a lot of fun and each post takes time to come together…either by taking picture, what to readers what to read? Finding the right words to write so readers love to follow your blog. Then figuring out how to place pictures, The story, writing not to much not to little ohhh the list goes one. As You can read I have been here for a while and it is making me feel amazing at times and at other times not so if I can be honest….So wish you lots of fun and keep on doing what You love. That my friend is what I follow… My Passion to be me and be creative and have fun in life


  2. Oh you know I love reading your posts, seeing all the pictures that you take, cooking, nature, knitting and yes I will admit that I do not always leave a comment or smiley face but always thinking of you. Now I need to get my blog going as I have been taking pictures of gardens etc. Keep up the good work


    1. Thanks Sharon happy you like the posts, pictures etc. Always feels nice to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying your summer to the fullest;-)
      Yes get that blog going I want to see your pictures too… get your sewing, quilting on there too… chat soon again… and I’ll see your blog soon correct?


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