Tweet, Tweet Some News


With it already being January 11. 2017 I hope You  all had a perfect start into the New Year with Peace, Love and Health for everyone.

A New Year

A new beginning

Perfect for me to start some more writing, creating knitting patterns and yes knitting and crocheting classes available if you life close by.

Oh and my own knitting not to forget.

Just having fun with life in general too.

 2017 It will be a great year

A new plan for this year will be my online shop that will be available soon for you to find some of my own

“Knitswiss Yarns”

All hand-dyed and unless requested available in smaller dye-lot amounts. The yarns are one of a kind and will be only available through my shop. My yarns will not be available in stores at this time.

Also will sell some of my knitted garments, scarfs and much more.

Yes possibly even quilts I have sewn….

More info following soon.

Happy 2017 To You All





4 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet Some News

    1. Happy New Year Michelle so happy to hear from You it has been a long time …now that we have no more yarn at the store I miss seeing some of our regular customers like You. But perhaps now this can be a new chapter with my yarn hopefully soon all online for You to see and shop too.
      Say hello to Brian too and if you are in town let me now if you like to come by and visit or need help with the knitting ….anytime as long as I am home..


  1. Hi Jacqueline,
    That’s existing! Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg und alles gute für all Deine creationen.
    Lieber Gruss.


    1. Salue Renate Wuensche auch Dir und famile alles liebe im 2017 hoffe Du hattest eine Schoene Weihnachten und Newu Jahr.
      Ja hoffe mein Shop ist bald bereit zum Presentieren lach…gibt schon etwas Arbeit damit. Freue mich doch darauf Ecuh meine Wolle zu zeigen und hoffe alles klapt dabei.Gruessli und bleib in Kontact vielleicht auch auf ein Besuch bei mir wenn Du in den Norden gehst.


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