Foraging for Elderflowers and Elderflower Syrup

Wile I was on a visit to see my mother i had seen this syrup in her fridge and yes remembered a big eldertree in our backyard too. During my stay in Switzerland we enjoyed drinking water with this syrup. How lucky for me,my friend had bought a plant just like it and well only about 5 years ago but this bush is no longer a bush …A tree with huge elderflowers on it. Off now to make this syrup second year in a row.


“Foraging”- when I hear it I can’t help but think of people from stone age civilisations picking berries in bushes, or cutting roots from trees and stewing them; the last resort for food before people starved. Perhaps in Lord of The Rings, Frodo and Sam couldn’t find anything for dinner, so they foraged for a while. That’s the kind of association I have for foraging- not something found in the modern era of supermarkets and year-round availability of produce. But although times have changed, a lot of the wild plants haven’t. Elderflowers, Nettles, Damsons, Rose, Violets, Lavender and many more can be found wild in the UK, and all provide a unique taste to food. It might be that the knowledge of what’s good to find wild hasn’t been passed on to the current generation, or maybe we don’t spend so much time out in the countryside anymore.

In any case…

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