Switzerland Trip 2014 Part 2

The oldest wood bridge in Europe
The oldest wood bridge in Europe


Bad-Säckingen in Germany.

It seems to take me back to this place on each trip back home to Switzerland. Last visit Bad-Säckingen was in March.

Have a look how different it looks when all is in bloom.

Holzbrücke Bad Säckingen is a road bridge over the Rhine. It connects the German city of Bad Säckingen with the village Stein in Switzerland. The wooden bridge spans 203.7 metres (668 ft) over the Hochrhein and is the longest roofed wooden bridge of Europe. The bridge is listed as a national registered monument in Switzerland (Kulturgut von nationaler Bedeutung im Kanton Aargau).

The bridge was built in 1272 and was destroyed several times (1570, 1633, 1678). The current bridge was completed in 1700. Today, the bridge is only open for pedestrians since Fridolinsbrücke (Swiss: Rheinbrücke Stein) was opened in 1979 for road traffic.


Bad-Säckingen in Deutschland

Ja auch dieses Mal ging es wieder nach Bad-Säckingen wie schon vor ein paar Jahren im März. 

Alles sieht etwas anders auf wenn die Blumen blühen.

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