Get to Know Berroco: Berroco Remix

Featured Image -- 10340It would be fun be able to visit a yarn factory or distributer one day.

I remember going to Porcelain and Glass making factories during my apprenticeship way back home sooo many years ago. Amazing what they do there.

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There are a lot of things that make Berroco Remix a special yarn. Even before I knit my Adeline in it, I was intrigued by its rustic look and the way it felt – soft but full of texture. How does Remix get such a unique look and feel? It’s actually an interesting story…

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2 thoughts on “Get to Know Berroco: Berroco Remix

    1. Well hello Sandra so nice to here form you…Would be nice to see you soon again before July If possible. I am working from home during the summer month I believe.
      I did work in a store like Birks we hade Fine China and 100 % Cristal Glass blown by mouth by individuals people. Silver cutleries You name it. We hade the Best of the Best. And I went to school to learn how this all was made and hade to sell it too.
      Amazing stuff…I have to see if my mom still has my books for it, so I can brush up on it…It may be of use one day….But I believe I did learn customer service there too. Most important of all. Good customers like you will give good referrals and that makes me and my boss happy…smiles all around.
      Hope your well. Hugs


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