Something Yummy

2013-07-08 13.14.11Have a look what I just took out of the oven a view minutes ago…sooo yummy and I am sure my family will love this too. Bruschetta backed into the Baguette with cheese and yes some yummy Balsamic Glace drizzled over top

2013-07-08 13.14.22

So etwas gutes haben wir Heute zum Z’Mittag…gerade habe ich das aus dem Oven genommen…Yumm Bruschetta in einem Baguette  eingebachen und dann mit Balsamic Glace verziert…yumm

André Du muesch das au emol mache bi dinere “Schluckstube” ! Isch immer en Hit wenn ich’s mach für es Fäscht!

Susi und Marianne ihr kennet das jo au…umm en guete!

2 thoughts on “Something Yummy

    1. Ohh it is yummy and great for decorating something like this for a BBQ party etc. It is a sweet/sour flavor and one only uses a small amount of it. very dark in colour…hope you have some luck finding it probably by the Oil or vinegar sections.


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