Featherweight Cardigan

2013-05-16 16.43.43

Muster By Hannah Fettig

A pattern that one can download on Ravelry, (sorry not a free one)

Lovely I have to say…only 7 skeins 1036.0 yards (947.3m) in colour SH129. So not to bad in price too. Yarn Sirdar Snuggly Baby Speckle yes I know we often use this yarn for baby blankets or baby cardigans…. well if you now me I like to step out of the normal everyday knits and have fun with the yarn.

So have a look this really is very nice and soft and for some of You that cannot wear ‘Wool” this yarn is perfect for the summer 60% Cotton and 40% Acrylic.  Ah yes you like to know what needles I used…US 6  – 4.0 mm and US 5  – 3.75 mm2013-05-16 16.46.40

I also have added a lace border in the front ….simple and easy.2013-05-16 10.54.55

Picked up 84/41/84 stitches all around the front, back, . Row 1: Purl to end of row (back side) Row2 : Now k1, * YO, k2togth, * continue to end of row.(right side) Row 3: Purl to end of row (Back side) Row 4: * slip 1st, k1, pull slipped stitch over k stich,YO * continue this to end of row.(right side) repeat row 1 to 4 as many times as You like. I worked them a total of 5 times.

So with that said I had to try knitting this cardigan in a child size too. I used the same pattern just cast on a lot less stitches and also did not work as many increases for the arm. Therefor one has to change the body and arm length …love it2013-05-25 11.31.41 2013-05-26 13.20.04

Featherweight Cardigan

2013-05-16 16.46.17Dieses Muster kanst Du bei Ravelry herunterladen, (sorry leider nicht Gratis)

Schöne Ich muss sagen … nur 7 Stränge (947.3m) in Farbe SH129. So nicht schlecht im Preis.  Ja ich weiß, diese Garn Sirdar Snuggly Baby Speckle  verwenden wir häufig für Babydecken oder Baby Strickjacken ….2013-05-16 16.43.29

Nun, wenn Du mich kennst weisst Du das ich immer etwas aus dem normalen Täglichen heraus gehe und so auch  Spaß habe mit den Garnen etwas neues zu stricken. So schau… das ist wirklich sehr schön geworden und weich und für einige von Euch, die Wolle nicht tragen können dieses Garn ist perfekt für den Sommer 60% Baumwolle und 40% Polyacryl… Nadeln 4,0 mm und 3,75 mm habe ich dazu benutzt.

Den Rand habe ich auch gewechselt wie ich oben das Muster angegben habe.

Hier noch eine kleine Überraschung musste doch die Jacke für ein 2 bis 3 jähriges Kind entwerfen…genau nach dem Muster gestricket nur wehniger Maschen angeschlagen und auch weniger aufnahmen für den Unterarm..2013-05-26 13.19.48.

2 thoughts on “Featherweight Cardigan

    1. So nice to hear from You Carolyn…glad You like reading about my “Stuff” hope your knitting is going well too. You should stop by the store soon again. I really would be nice to see you again. We have yarn and Fabric on sale every day now…some really nice stuff. We also have summer hours now so I am not in every day…
      Smile and happy knitting


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