Flamenco Shrug

DSC04276Flamenco ShrugDSC04281

Yes this is the projects I had You all guess what I am making….did you figure it out?

Stunning how it turned out I think…

Though I ran into some questions with the pattern

There is a whole row missing in this pattern that will set you off

Used Cascade Yarns called “Sunseeker”

a total of 8 skeins and about 1734 meters or 1896 yards

with crochet hook 3.75mm or a “F”


Flamenco Shrug

Du hast recht erraten das ist das was ich Ecuh schon einige Male gezeigt hatte.


 Nicht war….mir gefällt es recht gut.

Obwohl in dem Muster einige Fehler vor kamen…ahhhh nein

Eine ganze Reihe wurde verpasst beim Muster schreiben. So etwas und ich habe schon so loange nicht mehr gehäckelt.

Ich brauchte  für diesen Cardigan eine Baumwolle von Cascade Yarns genannte “Sunseeker”

insgesamt 8 Stränge und um 1734 Meter

mit Häkelnadel 3,75 mm oder ein “F”

Einfach Toll muss ich sagen…Lachen darf ich nun da ich es vertigo gebracht habe ….


8 thoughts on “Flamenco Shrug

  1. I purchased the yarn for this at the Creativ Festival and you mentioned how to make this in size large. The online pattern seems to only have small and medium. Do you know if it was updated with the correction and how do I change it it be size large? I would really like to start making this soon as yours was so beautiful!


    1. HI Tracy
      The one I had on at the Creative Festival was small to medium in size (with 6 squares for the back width).
      The next size is med to large,(with 8 squares for the back width, there is also a xl size…

      have fun…it will be stunning


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