Weekly Photo Challenge “Wrong”

Some of You probably say right now what is “WRONG” with these Pictures of Winter when we have Summer right now???

With this Weekly Photo Challenge comes the word “Wrong” to all of Us that follow this fun challenge

So I thought I would show You all some photos of the wrong Season right now for us here in Canada..

It is so hot and nice that I do not want to think of this coming winter season…..

So enjoy the summer heat as long as you can

Smile and be happy…

I am

Einige von Euch sagen jetzt wahrscheinlich , was ist hier “WRONG”  ist mit diesen Winter Photos, wenn wir doch Sommer haben???

Mit diesem “Wöchentlichen Photo Challenge” kommt das Wort “Wrong” für uns alle die hier mitmachen.

 Also dachte ich, ich würde Euch photos zeigen mit der “WRONG”  Jahreszeit.

Gerade jetzt wo wir es so schön warm haben hier in Kanada …

Es ist so heiß und schön, dass ich lieber nicht schon an den Winter denken möchte …..

So geniess die Sommerzeit solange sie hier ist 

Hab’ spass

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge “Wrong”

  1. Hahaahaa. It’s Indian Summer here for over a month now! We haven’t have our AC on for two years. Today, we couldn’t hold back. It’s on today. The sight of snows is welcoming…cooling the mind :D


    1. Indian Summer already! we have had rain for the passed view days now..good for the grass and mind from all that heat we had…AC we do not need right now either…though I am sure it will get hot and sticky again before we get the Indian Summer too. Have a fun day….


      1. Hot and sticky…I dislike. It brings back some not-so-fondly memories of growing up in Hong Kong…summer days…why bothered to shower. As soon as I stepped out, I would want to immediate go back for another shower! You too have a great day. It isn’t cooling off here.


  2. We have experienced the hottest July in history but snow right now is wrong. (smile) Love your wrong post. Thanks for the pingback and listing my blog.



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