“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Purple)”

My Family and I went camping at the beginning of the month to a Provincial Park called “Grundy Lake” just up Highway 69 about one hour North of Parry Sound.

While my family was fishing at the lake I had some fun taking pictures and since the photo challenge for this week is “Anything Purple” I am sharing with You my purple.

I did not even notice the tiny little bug on the stem …have a look it is soooo tiny that you have to click on the picture first.

3 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge: (Purple)”

    1. Ahh I was hoping You would know what it wold be called. Have you seen the little bug on the stem…don’t have a clue what that is too.Have a sunny weekend


  1. Just followed a link to your blog and find it interesting. Love the photography and ……..wish so much that I could speak….understand, the German language. Was in Berlin this past January. Too bad we Alabamians aren’t , or maybe I should include all the states in the U.S., aren’t stressing mandantory foriegn language studies more in our schools. I love crafting, even though not involved in that so much now as I am in my later years now attempting my first novel. Never learned to knit or crochet but dearly loved to sew and do needlepoint. Well, I will be following you to enjoy the beautiful things that you produce.


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