Clapo-Ktus Shawl

Something a little different then the normal Clapotis that I had knit soooo many times.

With just one skein of Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk about 437 yards or 400 meters is all you need and needle size 4mm

Clapo-Ktus is a pattern by Loredana Gianferri once again you can find it on Ravelry or look it up on my side panel

Knit this fun shawl for Wendy at Unwind Yarn House.  

Einmal eine andere variante von dem Clapotis Schal.

Mit nur einem Knäuel von “Handmaiden Feinem Garn Sea Silk” etwa  400  meteres ist alles was du dazu brauchen wirst und Strick  Nadelstärke 4mm

Clapo-Ktus ist ein Muster von Loredana Gianferri wie immer bei Ravelry zu finden oder schauen bei meiner Seite pannel habe es dort eingetragen

Gestricket wurde dieser Schal für Wendy von Unwind Yarn Haus.

4 thoughts on “Clapo-Ktus Shawl

    1. Hi Jeanne,
      You need to knit that “YO” as a purl stitch on your wrong side row 4,6,8,etc (also your even rows.)
      The only stitch you will knit as a knit stitch on the even rows will be your “P” as this will be the stitch you eventually will drop down and by knitting it that way it will indicate the “drop stitch” all the way up your shawl… Hope that helps you.
      Enjoy and have fun knitting this wonderful shawl



  1. Beautiful! The stitch pattern is so delicate — looks perfect for that yarn. I also love the jackets in your prior two posts — so cute, especially the one made with the Americo pattern!


    1. Hi Jean…yes I enjoyed knitting this Shawl too. The Jacket from Americo called Aquila was a long knit but in the end I was glad I had knit it…I enjoy wearing it now we still have this in between weather where one never knows if it will be cold or hot…from one extreme to the other. How is your knitting and Sewing coming along for this Spring?


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