Spring Flowers in Switzerland

Well I do feel the spring but this was on my visit back home the first two weeks in March.  So nice and sunny, we had as always a great and unforgettable time back home.  At my home where I grew up…the grass if full of the flowers nothing like that you will see here in our neighborhood…just grass.  There it is grass with flowers growing in the grass…its fun to see.

 It’s interesting… I find every year when I talk to my mom and dad during this time they are about a month ahead with the weather.  And as it was on March 23rd we had -10 degreese and 10cm snow and they had +22 degrees…wow what a difference


So auch ich fühle den Frühling doch das war auf unserm Besuch in der Schweiz in den ersten zwei Wochen im März.  So schön warm und sonning war es da.  Wir haben wie immer  viele schöne Erinnnerungen machen dürfen.  da zuhause in der Schweiz wachsen sogar die Blumen im Grass, so etwas sieht man eigenlich schon selten bei und in unserer Umgebung.  Etwas agnz anderes, doch auch schön.
Wenn ich dann so jedes Jahr um diese Zeit meine Familie anrufe, sind die etwa eine ganzen Monat mit dem Wetter voraus….auch so ist es jetzt wieder .  Am 23 März schneite es bei und hier in Kanada mit -10 Grad und 10 cm Schnee.  Doch in der Schweiz waren es ganze +22 Grad warm und sonning…wow was für ein Underschied….


















4 thoughts on “Spring Flowers in Switzerland

  1. hi Jean yes thank yo we did have a great time back home with all my family and friends….to bad it was so short..but nice. and the weather well that was as always ….amazing and so nice and warm and sunny


  2. Your photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos from your trip home — it sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family. I love those Fasnacht photos — fun!


  3. Hi Sandy
    Yes it was nice to see the flowers all out, we still have to wait for that but I hope we will see them soon too.
    Unfortunately this is not in the mountains it is right on the Rhein River that separates Switzerland and Germany. About 20 minutes up the Rhein River from Basel. But we do see the Blackforest from my window.


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