Feather Duster Shawl

I did like this shawl when I knit the first one for Wendy at Unwind Yarn House and decided to make another one for a gift to take along to Switzerland.  With Needle size #5,5mm and only one skein of “Basic Merino Socks” from  Fleece Artist the project took off and I am happy to see that this one too looks very nice knit up too.  Marianne I hope you enjoy wearing this shawl….and thanks for all you kindness.

The pattern is called Feather Duster  by Susan Lawrence and available from Ravelry.com
Mir gefallte diser Schal gut als ich den Ersten für Wendy from Unwind Yarn House stricken durfte.  So dachte ich dass ich dieses Tuch noch einmal stricken will und mit in die Schweiz nehmen will für ein Geschenk an jemanden Lieben.  So mit Nadel Nummer 5,5mm und nur einer Strange “Basic Merino Socks” Wolle von Fleece Artist hatte ich den zweiten Schal von der Nadel gestrickt.  Auch dieser sieht gut aus…Marianne ich hoffe du hast freude daran und ….Danke für Eure grosszügige Gastfreuntschaft.
Das Muster nennt sich Feather Duster von Susan Lawrence erhältlich bei Ravelry.com

4 thoughts on “Feather Duster Shawl

  1. Pretty! Does the rest of your family knit as much as you do?
    I looked at your photos while you were traveling. Nice!
    Did you have a good trip?


    1. Hi Sandy.
      Yes thanks for asking we did have an amazing trip home and a lot of fun too. See Fasnacht pictures in Moehlin….

      In regard to the question if they knit as much as I am the answer is …No i am the knitter in the family though my 97 year old grandma now was hemming handkerchiefs for a Swiss company since I can remember and only stopped about 10 years ago. I think she was also too old for them to ask her to still work. I used to cut the pieces for her and she would hem them…that company still does that and then sells the items to the tourist coming to Switzerland. Big business there. I brought sever knit items to my family and friends in Switzerland for gifts …of course had to buy lots of pattern books and yarn while there…how else could it be…smile


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