A visit to the Niagara Wine Region

Not to long ago we visited some friends in the Niagara Wine Region in Ontario and on the way there we decided to stop in at this Winery like “Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery” and “Angels Gate”.  I love all the wood and grape vines that one can see looking out  the window.  It’s wonderful and so relaxing to have a glass of wind on the terrace that is overlooking the Winery.

Noch nicht so lange here waren wir auf Besuch bei unsern Freunden die in der Niagara Wein Region, Ontario  wohnen.  Schnell einen kurzen Aufenthalt bei ein paar Weingute wie “Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery” and “Angels Gate”.  Ich liebe all das Holz und die Aussicht über die Reben durch das Fenster.  Ja auch ein Glass Wein auf der Terasse mit Aussicht über die Reben ist schön und relaxing.


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6 thoughts on “A visit to the Niagara Wine Region

  1. Just beautiful photos of the wine country. I like the wood floors and exposed ceilings. Everything looks so clean and well thought out. I agree with you about it being relaxing looking out the window at the vineyard rows. My wife taught in Stuttgart and I would look out her lecture hall and see the rows of grapevines across the river. When I came back to Texas, I set up a very small little vineyard — 40 vines — and enjoyed looking at the vines through our kitchen window. You are fortunate to live in a beautiful area.


    1. Good morning Jack
      Yes you are right we do live in a nice area…well soon it is changing to the Indian summer look. They forecast a nice warm fall. Will just have to see what will happen. The leaves are changing already again. I am planning on going with my husband soon to the forest that I had taken pictures in the spring. It will be fun seeing the difference with the changing of season.
      How are your grapes doing? Do you make wine from them too? It was funny to see my daughters and husbands reaction when I told them to taste the grapes from the vine. Very tart, as you know I am sure. They thought I am silly to eat them. Well not everything is sweet in life but can be good too some. It’s what you make out of your life and how one has been taught that makes it fun and interesting. It’s ok to be different……..
      Have a wonderful day


  2. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! I also love that Copito medio vest and of course the pink knit shawl. Simple designs but really chic!


    1. Hi Jean
      I did like the vest too. I knit another one with some leftover yarn I had around the house. Still have to take pictures to put on Ravelry. The pink shawl is so nice and snuggly. Love it when I am not knitting and jsut cuddle up with my hubby out on our front porch in the evening. I am sure that is coming to an end soon as it is getting too cold to sit outside now…What’s the weather like there now in San Fransico?


  3. Wow, what a lot of grapes in that bunch. I used to go with my mother’s parents to wineries in Napa Valley in California. Even as a kid, I enjoyed seeing the grapes grow.

    That must have been a nice trip.


    1. Hi Sandy
      Lucky you to go to Napa Valley on a regular basis. I had visited Napa Valley with my husband on our 15th Wedding Anniversary 4 years ago. We loved it there a lot too and had a wonderful time. I especially loved the V.Sattui Winery what a beautiful place and having a pick-nick on their front garden….


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