Late Summer and Fall Jacket in Linen

Wow fall is just around the corner.  The kids are going back to school.  Back to all the regular routines is kind of nice too.  Perhaps now the computer will be more accessible to us bloggers again so that we can write and post again to our friends… 

So I am sure I will be able to catch up with all the topics I have still waiting….

So for a start something knitted again.  Lots on the go there too…I finished this late summer or Fall Jacket in  “Linen Tanguis” by  Americo Original  just a view weeks ago and had to make a view adjustments.  As you all have had to do before…sleeves are for me always too long.  This is a looser fitting jacket; I love the trumpet sleeves with the eyelet pattern showing very nicely. But to fold the sleeves over, I just could not see me doing this.  So shorten them by a good 2 to 3 inches. Looks nice now and I am sure I will wear it lots.

Der Herbst ist auch schon vor der Tür.  Die Kinder gehen schon bald wieder in die Schule.  Der Alltage und die normalen Routine setzen wieder ein.  







Da bin ich sicher dass ich dann den

Komputer wieder etwas mehr  haben kann zum Schreiben und  in Kontakt sein zu  können….Smile.

Ich bin sicher  ich kann dann bald all meine vielen Gedanken, Photos und Sontiges das ich auf Lager habe eintragen.

Doch für Heute habe ich diese Spät-Sommer oder Herbst Jacke die ich mit” Linen Tanguis” von Americo Original  vor ein paar Wochen fertig gestrickt hatte.  Einige Abänderungen musste ich doch machen bei den Ärmeln.  Die  sind immer zu lang bei jedem Muster.  Die Trompeten Ärmel bei dieser Jacke finde ich sehr schön, die ich aber  nicht herum legen wollte.  So ein schönes Muster …so habe die Ärmel gut 10 bis 15 cm kürzer gestricket.  Sieht sehr schön aus werde ich sicher viel tragen.

3 thoughts on “Late Summer and Fall Jacket in Linen

  1. This a fabulous post and may be one to be followed up to see how things go

    A pal e-mailed this link the other day and I am desperately anticipating your next blog post. Carry on on the tremendous work.


  2. That will be perfect for fall, but also summer nights. My grandsons are back in school, too. The city of Portland doesn’t start for another week, though.


    1. Good Morning Sandy
      We have a new face starting at our home too..our son has jsut startet his first week in University. He will be back over most weekends but will see. Or daughter will go to the next year High School next week too. It all will be good …..
      Enjoy your day.


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