Port Dover, Onatrio

A wonderful time we had with our relatives visiting them and taking a drive to Port Dover, Ontario a little town on Lake Erie.  I love all the little shops and interesting creative ways some home or store owners decorate their homes.  A lovely little town and  the weather was nice too. 

But look at the amazing sky that evening.

  It’s like heaven had to show us a picture too…



Eine schön Zeit hatten wir mit unsern Verwanten bei Ihnen auf Besuch.  Auch eine Ausfahrt nach Port Dover, Ontario ein kleines Dorf an Lake Erie war schön.  Mir gefallen all die kleinen Geschäfter.  Immer schön zu sehen wie die Eigentümmer alles so Dekorieren um das Hause herum. 

Ein schönes kleines Dorf und auch das Wetter war schön. 

Schaut dem Himmel an auch da ein schönes Bild….

But look at the amazing sky that evening.



10 thoughts on “Port Dover, Onatrio

  1. Hi Jacqueline;

    Believe it or not, I just checked this site for the first time all summer. Your pictures are great! Especially the wooden shoes. Hmmmmmm; I wonder where they came from. We’ve been busy tying up loose ends before we go to Florida on the 31st.
    Skype you later!



    1. Well Hello Marilyn
      nice to see you looking at my blog and posts on it. Yes the shoes….wonderful to have been able to take that shot. Thanks.
      You lucky Two…. going to the South over the winter. Hope to chat on skype at times with you Both.


    1. Hi Jean
      Thanks I love the pictures too. I have several also from then great coastal road highway driving from San Francisco to LA. Love to look at them and envy you to have that just around your corner.


    1. Ja die Fotos gefallen mir auch es war schweer da auszuwaehlen welche ich in den Blog legen soll hab’ ja so vielle davon. Jedes etwas anders. Doch besten Danke fuer Dein zustimmen


  2. Such beautiful photos. An almost picture-perfect region. That first photograph appeals to me most of all. The sunset is an end to a perfect day you must have had. Jacqueline, I read also you posts about knitting. That’s kind of out of my realm, but it is relaxing to read about your art and helps me to relax. I find it so with another blogger on my blogroll — Taos Sunflower who has a shop in New Mexico. (I may have told you about her.)

    I envy your weather! We’re hot down here, but the horses are cool in the shade. Thank you for your photos.


    1. Hi Jack
      Thanks for you kind words I am happy you like the blog and my knitting. It’s my passion; I cannot sit down and not have a project in my hands.
      You talk about you envy us, yes it is nice that we get the green growing season still but soon in less than a month it will get cooler quickly. Will have the Indian summer perhaps if we are lucky and then burrrr. I envy you in the South not having to deal with all the snow in the winter too. Oh yes I am a born Swiss and love the mountains and also the snow when it is nice and white and cold. But when it gets to the slush and all that goes with it I could care less for it.
      Well we just came home from a trip to Florida with our kids and I soooo enjoyed the nice hot weather…the crowd was something else I have to say but waking up to sunshine every day (that we do not get every day) sure was nice. :-)))))
      Well we live where our home is and I am grateful we do have a place that I can call HOME.
      By for now and I will look at your friends knitting blog again too.


    1. Hi Sandy
      Sorry for the delay writing you back. We had some time in the sunny Florida Walt Disney World in the past weeks and I did not blog during that time. But did take my knitting along.
      Lots of wonderful pictures, a stunning 1000+ can’t believe it….so now I have to go though them and perch what did not turn out great.


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