Flowers, Flies, Spiders And Ants

Here I was just out in our garden taking pictures of the flowers one day last week and was amazed to see the beauty of so many things

 Wollte nur schnell  ein paar Photos nehmen von unsern  Garten und Blumen letzte Woche. Bewunderns wert was ich so alles zu sehen bekam


 Well another surprise was when I took this picture of our yellow daylilly out came this ant hoping to get some fame too…

Noch eine ander Überraschung hatte ich als ich dieses Photo nahm von der gelben Tageslilly heraus kam diese Ameise auch um Berühmt zu werden…


Well this one is just hanging around in her web…..I was planing on starting to knit the “Charlotte’s Web” Shawl anyway soon.  I think this is a hint for me. 

So diese ist nur so am herum hängen in ihrer Web…ich wollte ja schon lange mit dem “Charlotte’s Web” Schal anfangen zu stricken.  Ich glaube das ist ein hint für mich.


So just a view pictures of some flowers too

Auch hier ein paar Photos von den Blumen dazu






6 thoughts on “Flowers, Flies, Spiders And Ants

  1. Many beautiful photos you have. Your growing season continues. Ours, way down south, has ended. Still nice down here, but not like yours. I wish we still had a growth season. Perhaps today, the weather forecaster says, we shall have some rain. Very relaxing — your photos.


    1. Home from our holidays now and my garden is not looking so nice anymore. We had a very hot and dry spell while we had been away and no rain so all is very dry now. But that was till last Saturday. Since then it has been raining for the past 3 days. Some sunshine today will see if it will be like that for the rest of the week.


  2. Wonderful! So viele verschiedene Blumen blühen in Deinem Garten… und nun können wir alle diese bewundern.
    Und Die Spinne in ihrem Netz hat Dir einen Hinweis gegeben… na dann, auf was wartest Du noch ? Starte das Tuch :-)
    Thank you for sharing this photos!



  3. Gorgeous photos! I can’t believe you were able to catch those details, especially the ant. I also love your summer bolero — it is the perfect yarn for that style!


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