Morning Doves Smooching

 Look at our Morning Doves showing there affections for one another.  For many years now we have regular visits from a family of doves.  They nest in our big blue spruce Tree in our back yard or at the front of the house.  Unfortunately sometimes the big crows will find their nest and get the eggs.  In the past year I think the doves where lucky and they built the nest deep inside the spruce tree.

Schaut here wie lieb die zwei Tauben sich haben.  Wir haben regelmässig jedes Jahr besuch von den Morgen Tauben.  Die jedes Jahr hier bei uns im Tannenbaum im Garten oder auch vor dem Haus ein Nest bauen.  Leider kommt es auch dazu dass Die Krähen das Nest finden und dann das Nest plündern.  Doch dieses Jahr haben die Tauben das Nest tief im Tannenbaum gebaut…

6 thoughts on “Morning Doves Smooching

    1. Hi Sandy…yes they are close to the ground most of the time about one meter or so. This time they are up almost two meters about 10feet I guess. I like seeing them in our backyarnd…..


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