Knitted Waves Scarf With Beads

“Susan Undulating Waves Scarf” for Unwind Yarn House sample

 Is a pattern that you can find on Ravely.  A fun knit including lots of Beads.  The pattern asks for 924 size 6mm beads however ….I needed almost double that.  Each pattern repeats needs 33 beads from row 1-10.  With using 2 skeins of Koigu Merino yarn I was able to knit almost 48 repeats.  That would give me a total of 1548 Beads.  This scarf is heavier no doubt but stunning to be able to wear it in so many ways measuring about 52 inches long  This is your jewel to wear any time.  I was able to string on the beads with a sewing needle but you could use smaller size beads too and use a fish wire to string the beads on to lace weight yarn and adjust the with of the scarf too.  I added all or at least half of the beads onto the yarn before I started to knit and then moved them along as I knit this scarf.  Pattern info:  Yarn used is from and the beads are from .

 Wellen Schal“für Unwind Yarn House example

Ist ein Muster das man bei Ravelry finden kann. Ein schönes Muster das mit Beads gestricket wird.  Das Muster fragt nach 924 Beads in Grösse 6mm doch…..Ich brauchte fast das Doppelte.  Jedes Muster braucht 33 Beads von Reihe 1 bis 10.  Mit zwei Strangen Koigu Merino Wolle war es möglich bis 48 mall das Muster zu stricken.  Dabei brauchte ich aber 1548 Beads.  Dieser Schal ist ganz sicher etwas schwerer zum tragen bei fast 130cm Länge  und all den Beads, doch ist das der Schmuck für die Trägerin.  Ich benutzte eine Nähnadel für die Beads auf zu fassen.  Doch kann man auch Fisch Nilon gebrauchen und kleinere Beads und feinere Wolle  und der Schal etwas Breiter stricken.  Information für das Muster:

5 thoughts on “Knitted Waves Scarf With Beads

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    1. Hi Sandy
      Yes all the beads or at least have of them I added at the very beginning before I start the knitting. I used a sewing needle and picked one at a time up with that needle. Then I string them along as I knit on the yarn. All very time consuming but very easy to do. Hope that explains it better for you.
      You can also add beads with a crochet hook as you need but this scarf required it to have on the yarn already as 3 or 2 beads at the same spot needed to be placed.


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