Knitted Daisy Lace Jacket

This wonderful and light lace jacket has been in my possession since last summer.  Once the nicer weather had arrived this spring I thought it would be time to wear it again.  I have been getting  some nice compliments again and thought it would be nice to show you this too.  The pattern is from:  and unfortunately I can not remember what yarn I have used to knit this lace Jacket but I know it is a 100%  cotton.

Dieses wunderschön und leichte Lace Jacke habe ich schon  seit letztem Sommer fertig gestrickt und liegt durch den Winter durch in meinem Kleiderschrank.  Als es wieder schöner wurde mit dem Wetter, dachte ich das es Zeit war dieses Jäckli wieder zu tragen.  Nach einigen schönen Kommentaren dazu, dachte ich dass ich es auch Euch zeigen möchte.  Das Muster kann man bei:    gratis herunter laden.  Leider kann ich mich nicht mehr erinnern wie die Wolle heisst doch ist es 100% Baumwolle.

10 thoughts on “Knitted Daisy Lace Jacket

    1. Thank you for your comment…I visit you site too. Great top you have for sale. My mind started thinking when I did see all the nice lace on the cardigan and jackets on your blog. I am working on a jacket at the moment and was thinking of motiving the edge of the front and sleeves with a lace edging. Just like in your cardigans. I will have it up on my blog as soon as it is finished for you to see.
      Thanks for you visit.


  1. That is beautiful! The pattern is very pretty and the color is exceptional on you. Lucky you — you can wear yellow! I don’t think I own anything in that color (as well as green). Enjoy the weather!


  2. Ohhh wer strahlt den da so schön?? eine wunderschöne Frau in einer wunderschönen Jacke. Einfach wunder wunderschön in farbe undMuster. richtig harmonisch wirkt das.
    Ganz liebs grüessli Marlies


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