Rectangular Sleeved Shawl

 Something different to work with is this chunky yarn from “Mia”   I have not worked with yarn and needles this size for some time so it was a change.  Especially after all the lace pattern and Fingering weight yarns I have knit in the past view months. 

It was a nice break from the fine yarns and patterns though.  I could see using more of this yarn to make a nice jacket for cooler evening.  Works up fast too.   Keeps you nice and snugly warm.  Sample is at  to look at and yarn can be purchased at her store too.

Einmal etwas Anderes mit so dicker Wolle “Mia” und grossen Nadeln Nummer 8mm zu stricken.  Besonders seit ich in der letzen Zeit mehr mit Lace Garne arbeitete

Doch war es eine schön Abwechslung und auch einer schön Wolle ging auch schnell vorwärts dabei auch schön weich und warm.  Der Schal kann man bei anschauen und die Wolle ist dort auch erhältlich. Kann mir auch vorstellen mit dem Garn eine Jacke zu stricken für kalte Abende

12 thoughts on “Rectangular Sleeved Shawl

  1. Hi Ruth sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was on holiday and just did not have any time to writing you back.
    Nice that you like this shawl. It is so easy to knit. No pattern for it thought. Just knit it up form my head.

    Using size 10mm needle, cast on the same as below 90sts or more up to you how wide you like it to be.
    The pattern:
    Beginning the 2st row right side: knit 1, purl1, knit1, purl1, knit1, purl1,
    then knit to last 6 sts , purl 1, knit1, purl1, knit1, purl1, knit1 =end of row
    On the revered row knit as sts appear.
    Continue this way till all yarn is used up or as long as you need. You can drape it behind your back along the arms and see what length you like than just cast off and fold in half length wise and sew about 6 to 8inches together or as you like.

    Hope this will help you and I would love to see yours once finished or if you need any further help just send me a note.

    Happy knitting


    1. Hi there…my friend and I are trying to figure out how long the back should be before we cast off. When we sew the sleeves is it 6 to 8 inches from the bottom of the sleeve ( cuff)? Is the neck line the cast on stitches or the cast off stitches? Sorry for all the questions . I am so pleased with the Mia . As I stated I have 10 skeins but all rolled together so please tell me the length from the neck to the waist….so many thanks I await your reply. Ruth and Marion


      1. Hi Ruth and Marion
        Unfortunately I did not measure how long this shawl was finished. The store where it is displayed was not open tonight for me to take the measurements. Though form what I can see on the picture on my Ravelry sight and taking my measurements from that. You should have about 6 to 8 inches for each side for the sleeves and for the back about 22 to 24 inches. I know I used up all the 6 skeins and then cast off.
        This is a big rectangular piece. Make sure you fold the two long sides together and sew up form cast on edge along the sides 6 to 8 inches for sleeves and again on cast off edge 6 to 8inches together.
        If you both have 10 skeins I would defiantly suggest for you both to measure from under the arm along the back to the other Underarm and then add 6 to 8 inches or however long you really would like this to be. As mentioned I only had 6 skeins available and used it all up to the last bit of yarn….
        Good luck and please send me pictures of yours too…again happy if I can help you Both.


  2. Where can I purchase the pattern for the rectangular sleeved shawl? I have 10 skeins of Mia that I would like to use.
    Many thanks, Ruth


  3. Jacqueline:
    My daughter, Penelope Morrow sent me your site, I’m speechless with awe….your work is beyond anything I have seen lately…( I used to be Central Region Director, for The Ontario craft’s Council and was able to view many different, unique hand crafted articles, alas no more!)
    I would like you to ferret out something that Penelope would adore, let me know what it is/ the price and perhaps I will be fortunate with this years birthday / Christmas gift….if it can be as unique as she is, that would be brilliant!
    Barb…..(705) 457-9595.


    1. Hi Barb
      Wow as I mentioned in my e-mail to you I am very flattered to get your awesome feedback. Thanks to Penelope for letting you know about my site.
      Makes me feel proud of my accomplishments. Thanks.


    1. Yes the yarn was nice to knit but a lot of fluff though…I almost looked like a sheep after…..had black pants on and they where like magnets to the yarn. It was something to see, but I enjoyed knitting with this yarn. As mentioned it was a nice change to the normal yarn that I work with. Lately it has been silk, bamboo, merino or even linen as you can see from some of my previous blog posts.
      Have a nice weekend


  4. Du bist so schnell beim Stricken, ich komme gar nicht mehr hinterher mit anschauen. Wieder ein sehr schönes Teil, und wenn man dann auch noch eine glückliche Abnehmerin hat, dann macht es sicher gleich doppelt so viel Freude.
    Liebe Grüße von Margot


    1. Ja das macht mir schon freude wenn ich so jemandem etwas stricken darf und es dann auch noch im Schaufenster ist. Doch freut es mich immer am Meisten wenn meine eigene Tochter das auch immer noch taegt und haben will. So danke fuer Deine Leiben Worte….bis bald wieder.


    1. Salue Lee-Ann
      ja immer wieder etwas neues…kann meine Nadeln einfach nicht still legen….das macht mich richtig chribelig…
      Auch Dir wuensche ich ein schoenes erholsames Wochenende.


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