Summer Lace Bolero in Pima Cotton

Stunning how nice this turned out.  I was looking to knit a bolero for my daughter.  One of my favourite spots for pattern is the Drops Design site.  They have so many wonderful patterns I find it challenging to pick the ONE.  So now ….all finished to wear. I used Pima Cotton by Americo Original  4 Skeins are plenty only worked 16 repeats.

  I completed this Bolero at our “Stitch and B….” night at Unwind Yarn House and was surprise to get all the great compliments from all the ladies there.  So much so that I think they all are knitting one for themself too.  What a nice compliment that is….Thanks.  But I am happy that my daughter loves it so much she has it on going to school today….that alone is a THANK YOU from her to me.

Wieder war ich einmal auf der Suche nach einem schönen Bolero für meine Tochter.  Wie immer habe ich bei meinem liebling Webseite  ein Muster gefunde. 

  Habe es

fertig gestickt bei unsere Wöchentlicher Strick Stunde bei Unwind yarn House.  Ich brauchte 100% Pima Cotton von Americo Original nur 4 Kneuel davon.

 Da hatte  ich aber gestaunt wie alle  Frauen gleich das Muster auch haben wollt damit Sie den Bolero auch stricken können.  Schön so Kompliment zu bekommen….Doch das allerbest  war als meine Tochter es auch gleich Heute am Morgen anhatte  für in die Schule zu gehen.  Das ist der Beste DANKSCHÖN….

3 thoughts on “Summer Lace Bolero in Pima Cotton

  1. Hallo erstmal lieben dank für deinen schönen Kommentar.danke
    Dann zu deinem Bolero das ist ja der Hammer. Unbeschreiblich schön. Und es steht super gut. Farbe und Muster harmonieren einfach total schön. Ganz liebe Grüsse Marlies


  2. I sent that address to my daughter after looking at it, but she hasn’t got back to me yet. Does your daughter knit?


    1. Hi Sandy I wish my daughter would knit I showed her how but was not to interested in it at this time, perhaps later on day I hope. Do you know this Lady that I referred too. She talked about a Sandy so I assumed it was you she mentioned.


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