Newgrowth in the Forest

New growth in the Forest

All is getting green;

 I just love to see when all the ground turns green again.

  So fresh and full of life after a long sleep though the cold winter times. 

 Spring is here and all turns to life again.


Der Wald blüht wieder

Alles ist am grünen;

 Ich freue mich so daru,

 sehen zu können,

 wie Frisch und Neu alles herfor kommt

nach dem langen kalten Winter-Schlaf. 

 Frühling ist hier und alles

kommst zum hervorschein.

3 thoughts on “Newgrowth in the Forest

  1. Jacqueline: I somehow missed this photos of the new growth in the forest. Amazing how those plant sprouts come up, isn’t it? One day there not here, then the next day they are. I like the red-blooming plant also. The cardinals are beautiful photos. I hear them here and see them, but have missed taking their portraits.


    1. Hi Sandy
      Sorry I do not know what it is. If by chance you find out the name for it, let me know pls.
      It looks so small and innocent. I love how the picture turned out though. That sticks lying there in the midst of it….and all the little shouts. It was so small one really had to look for this stuff. Though on the picture it looks as if it would be much bigger. Love my “super macro” on my camera.


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