Snow-Covered Backyard / Verschneiter Garten

 This was last week in our backyard, so very pretty all snowed in.  It reminds me of the days I lived in Switzerland and I spend the days in the Winter Wonderland in the Mountains. Some morning when I woke up living on top of the Mountain by the Berghaus Eggli, it was so idyllic and quiet all at peace. 

Das war letzte Woche bei uns im Garten, ganz Verschneit  und schön weiss.  Es erinnert mich an die Zeit wo ich beim Berhause Eggli, Gstaad auf dem Berg gewohnt hatte.  Ganz schön still und friedlich am Morgen auf dem Berg.

2 thoughts on “Snow-Covered Backyard / Verschneiter Garten

  1. I do so love the snow. We had a lot of it this winter on our place. Your pictures really are idyllic, quiet, and calming. Your deck area is not a place to sit in the winter!


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