My Little Swiss Lady

“My Little Swiss Lady”

Wow so long ago did I listen to this song….just can’t believe I found it, and on video too.  I guess some of you would think I am so old and wow she listens to this but for me it is wonderful keep sake.  Feels so like home listening to Pepe Lienhard.  My heart is smiling just to hear it and remembering that time.  My Childhood.  It was so nice

Ps. I do enjoy a lot of the new music artist just ask my family they would tell you……but my kids would say “Mom what are you listening to?” …….. No problem I love it!!!  My years growing up in Switzerland and I am proud of it.   Have fun listening to it and don’t forget to smile.


My Little Swiss Lady”

 Wow, vor so langer Zeit habe ich dieses Lied gehoert. …. kann es fast nicht glauben dass ich es gefunden  hab, und auch noch auf Video. Einige von Euch denken sicher die ist so alt und hört so etwas an. Doch für mich ist es wunderbar das Lied wieder einmal zuhoeren.. Fühlt sich so wie zu Hause an den Pepe Lienhard zu hören.  Mein Herz lacht nur, all die Erinnerungen.
Meine Kindheit, es war so schön und Einfach.
 PS. Ich genießen viele der neuen Musik Künstler fraget nur meine Familie, sie würden sagen: “Mutt, was hörst du den an?” …….. Kein Problem, ich liebe es! Meine Jahre, aufgewachsen in der Schweiz und bin stolz darauf. Viel Spaß beim hören und vergiss nicht zu Lachen….das darf man immer.

4 thoughts on “My Little Swiss Lady

  1. Hi Sandy
    Small world I know…I would love to see your Grandmothers fancy cutwork embroidery. I’ll see if I find something on it.
    I’ll look at your blog again, is one more on Photos and the other one Garden them and plants? I thought you called them different, or have them linked together? I believe I have seen both and like it.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Jacqueline, Yes, I am interested in things Swiss. I spent most of my young life a couple of thousand miles away from my mom’s parents, so never had much of an opportunity to hear her stories. I do know her family was from a town called Basel. Do you know of it?

    My grandmother was a wonderful gardener, and was her mother. My mom and I both enjoy gardening, so maybe we got that from her. She was also always busy with her hands, doing crochet and other projects beautifully.

    For some unknown reason, my last comment linked back to my old blog. I think I have the problem fixed, so this one should link to Fourwinds.


    1. Hi Sandy
      Nice to hear from you again. Funny how things work out. Yes I do know of Basel. I only lived 20 to 30 minutes away from the City Basel a Town called Moehlin. You can look it up on the Google Map to see, it is in the “U” if you go up along the Rhein River.
      We have so much in common, like Photography, Gardening, Crafts, Bloggin being Swiss. Do you like to knit too?
      I am new at the blogging and not sure if you get my replies to your e-mail or if you have to go to my blog to look them up?
      Have a nice weekend


      1. Since I wrote this, I have googled it. Small world, isn’t it?
        Another thing, my grandmother did fancy cutwork embroidery similiar to that, but not with aida or counted stitch cloth. I am not even sure they had such a thing when she was alive. I am going to ask my mom if she still has some of those sets of pillow cases.

        Yes, I did get your last email. I think my address problem is fixed. Did you notice that I have two blogs called fourwinds?


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