Christmas Ornaments Created by the Kids

Look at all the great work the kids did.  Some wonderful crafts all made by their hands.  We had some fun times creating this wonderful Ornaments over all the years and as always they love to hang them on the Christmas tree too.   Lots of Beads, Sequence and Love go into making them.  A keepsake for life.

  Uebesetzung fuer meine Deutsch sprechende Freund:

Schau dir all die großen Werke der Kinder an. Einige wunderbare Handwerke alles selber gemacht mit ihren Händen. Wir hatten Spaß dabei diese wunderbaren Ornamente über all die Jahre und wie immer hängen sie an unserem

Weihnachtsbaum. Viele Perlen, Sequenz und Liebe gehen dahinter.   Ein Andenken für das Leben.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments Created by the Kids

  1. I just made a blog showing Christmas ornaments in Glass
    Museum. If You say that these are made by the kids, they are
    marvelous when comparing to those in my blog made by artists. Merry


    1. Yes the kids did make them all by hand and I have them on our tree every year a keepsake forever…..they are on day appreciated by them and their family perhaps. Thanks for your lovely comment to them


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